Local Musician seeks assistance for family in Puerto Rico

October 17, 2017

0206 am

Raul Luar Tele Ochora, a local musician in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area is raising awareness to the basic needs still needed by US Territory Residents in Puerto Rico.

Any weekday you can catch Raul playing the beat box, strumming a guitar or lending vocals to music groups all around the Chattanooga area.

This crisis lays heavy on Rauls heart and even while playing he can’t shake the trauma that his family is enduring in Lares, Puerto Rico. The tremendous worry makes sleep very difficult for this very passionate and caring man.

Playing his music seems to be a diversion from the day to day struggles of his family so he trudges onward.

Raul Orocho recently spoke to Cleveland Live personally about the devastation his family has suffered directly on the island and his reaction to it.

He said, “Im eating noodles and crackers cause in my head I cant make a steak or a chicken breast just because I know they wont have it either”

His shared empathy will not soon go away as many people still remain without adequate food water, electricity and housing.

The latest reports have estimated that the outages will persevere till the end of the year.

CNN and Forbes are reporting “Apocalyptic conditions” still exists weeks after Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico.

In a news conference on Friday, Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló could not say when the power grid would be fully up and running.

“There is no estimated date right now,” he said. “We have established, right at the beginning of this week, we want to have 10 percent of the energy generation in Puerto Rico. Now we’re up to 10.6 percent. And our expectation is, within the next month, to have 25 percent.”

Raul regularly goes grocery shopping for his family in Puerto Rico since Maria.

Although he sends what he is able, resources are limited to how often he can send supplies to them, he went on to say “This need will persist for months, there is so little that you can actually send for them to be able to prepare full meals , that I just can’t contain myself”

Any food or supply items sent will be distributed to family members and if there is a surplus I’m sure the items will be shared with those in greatest need.

Raul emphasized, “With my heart in my hands, I was able to pack some food for the families in the mountains in Puerto Rico, they can’t wait for FEMA to get there, they need help now!”

He said batteries, water purification and meal preparation items are great things to send.

He provided me with a list of some of his immediate family members and a general post office box to send the much needed items.

To send a box please address them to the name provided, pick one or more, and attach the provided P.O.B. below.

Additionally, place the name and address inside the box too in case the boxes were inspected and or disrupted in any way.

Margaret Diaz (Raul’s Mother)

Marlene Rodriguez

Lourdes Arocho

Yosue Rodriguez

Kytzia Morales

Karla Hernandez

Jonathan Dali

P. O. Box 1213

Lares, PR 00669

As of this morning, Raul has informed me that he sent five boxes of food today and got to talk with his family via a phone message.

“Seeing my family made my heart very happy”, Raul concluded.

Come on Cleveland Live Backstage fans let’s try to send at least one box per reader to his family in Puerto Rico.

Thank you very much for your participation and showing some love for one of our local musicians.

All items sent will be greatly appreciated.

(Raul has assured me the packages are getting there quickly and safely to those in need via our postal system.)


Author: Deerailed Magazine

I love Live music, great food and fine arts. I support the Local and Regional scene of all three then I write about my experiences supporting it. I love to hear the back stories, you know those tales that no one else but the band knows and and the fans love to hear. So when you see me start thinking of those backstage stories and tell me about them.

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